1. Too Damp

This album was recorded at The Creative Sanctuary in Arcata
California by Daniel Nickerson and mastered by Timmy at
Big Bang Productions.

Liana Gabel- tap dancing, voice, guitar, hand claps
Matt Takiff- alto and tenor saxophone, viola, violin, guitar
Hannah Rosencrans- irish step dancing, voice, hand claps
Daniel Nickerson- guitar, bass, voice, piano, accordion, drums, organ
Katie Belknap- whistling
Jesse Alm- cello

Photography- Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Go Outside was made possible by The Creative Sanctuary in Arcata
California and Hear Her Out Music Productions.
Thank you to Catelyn Augustine for your encouragement,
support and guidance. Special thanks to Brenda Buffalino,
Katie Belknap, Paul Tobin, Solomon Lowenstein III, James Kloor,
Sean Pitney, Carissa Clark, Cyrus Smith, and Alison Kinney, Natalie and Roary

All songs were written by Liana Gabel and arranged in collaboration
with the musicians on the album. All rights reserved ©2017.
For lyrics and more visit www.lianagabel.com.


I can't sleep next to you
you're too beautiful
too damp
I can taste it on your breath
I could hold you real tight
but just for a short time
when I leave you
I feel ok at best

I fell a long time ago
when you told me that you loved me
but I couldn't hear ya
cuz I didn't want to know

and that cabin in the pines
you said you'd build for us
have I told you how that thought fills my mind
with warmth my love
cuz it's beautiful
that I could be apart of your life

like cranberries floating on the bogs of the pines
we'll hold hands while we make love
singing softly to the night

I'll meet you when I fall asleep my dear from time to time
you'll be the bitter berry floating softly on the water from my eyes

and that beautiful baby boy
that laughing picture of you
with the bright blue eyes that could turn the dark to light
I need him
and you need him to
take that dampness out of your life

you open up the fridge and head alone into your room
I can hear that pop and sizzle calling over to the phases of the moon