Liana teaches

Songwriting Lessons

Voice Lessons

Dance Improvisation (Modern) 

Beginner and Basic Tap Dance


Private Lessons- $45/hr 

Sliding Scale- Ask Liana if you would like to take lessons but cannot afford the proposed rate.

Discount- small groups at $25 per person an hour (2 people) and $20/hr (3 people). 

I encourage students to commit to either weekly or biweekly lessons. 


Class descriptions: 

Songwriting Lessons

Will involve a series of writing exercises, journaling, basic theory practice, and use of an instrument (can be your voice) to give life to the songs that are already inside of you. 

Voice Lessons

We will start with a list of songs you enjoy and would like to play. You will learn to create tension free sound, to connect with your tone, and have fun exploring your voice. We will work on pitch, tone, breath control/projection and find a daily practice of singing that feels good for you. 

Tap Dance

Learn to shuffle, hop, toe, heel, step ball change! We will start with basic tap dance steps and vocabulary. These classes will explore keeping a groove with simple steps, learning classic tap routines and singing while tapping.

Dance Improvisation

Each class will start with a gentle warm up, stretching, and strengthening. We will then fully connect with our bodies to move in ways that feel comfortable and healthy for each student, exploring shapes, and movement sequencing. 


 Scheduling will vary based on the time of year due to touring. There is an option to continue voice and songwriting lessons via Skype while I am on the road.