Liana Gabel with the Star Sisters

Howdy House, Ashville NC

Howdy House has a very diverse show for yall!! Please bring $5 for touring bands!

Witch Party (AVL) in Mary's personal opinion: "for those who love Elliot Smith, esoteric art rock, and the punk ethos of 'Whatever they want to play, they play.' ~ Tight and dirty poppy bluesy bangahs ~ +Big thumbs up!!+ A great band for modern melters, and fusion folks."

MouthBreathers (AVL) Your favorites, my favorites :) ♥

Fat Randy (Boston) "Frank Zappa, the Minutemen and the Melvins had a fetal alcohol syndrome baby that missed the critical period where you need to learn to read and talk and now it just barks. "

Liana Gabel with the Star Sisters (Rochester) Three divine Creatrixes have come together to conceive The Star Sisters. Each a remarkable song writer in her own right, Ella Kondrat, Liana Gabel and Madeleine Grace fuse seamlessly as a harmonic force of nature. Their sweet and intriguing harmonies over guitar and tap dance communicate the deep love rising from their undulating hearts. The Star Sisters are shepherds of new perspective, offering healing opportunities to their audiences. Liana will be joined on the road by the Star Sisters for her 2018 Go Outside release tour.